Dear Glee...
hook and emma
I have never posted to my own journal, mostly because I'd rather read what others write than post my own rambling thoughts but I felt the need to post after watching tonight's episode of Glee titled Asian F. Consider this my break up letter...

This episode was supposed to showcase underused actors like Mike Chang, Emma, and Mercedes. I was excited to see more of Mercedes, who I feel is used as a background prop most of the time. My excitment ended the moment she sang her first song. I had hoped that Murphy and Co. would come up with a better way to use the character than turn her into bitchy diva but alas I was wrong. Didn't we see this behavior last season, when she came up with all those ridiculous demands? Is this really the only way you can use her character? Also, the plot of having students walk out on New Directions only to come back later on (for whatever reason) is getting really old. I think by now everyone has left the group once or twice.

The other issue the show dealt with was the election for Student Council. Brittney, feeling tired of the way men have run the school, has decided that dressing like a stripper would better. Was it really necessary for her to switch from her Cheerio uniform to that outfit? I'm not a prude (had no problem with Lea and Dianna doing GQ) but that outfit was so inappropriate. Great message to send young girls Murphy... dress like a skank and you'll get far!

The show did have some good moments, like Mike and his parents expection of him. As an Asian (I'm Indian) I can tell you Asian F is real so I found the story both amusing and heartbreaking and reminded me of why I liked the show in the beginning.... it was the story of these kids trying to find their voice, to be true to themselves. I don't see that anymore. It has became a cluster fuck of plotlines being piled upon one another with no real characters to root for anymore ( with the exception of Kurt and Blaine but I have no doubt that will get ruined as well).

So it is time to say (or sing)...
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!

I wanted to give the show another chance after the mess of season two but not even the awesomeness of Kurt and Blaine can keep me invested in this show anymore.


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